Like Alcoholics Anonymous, I rely on a Power greater than myself.  If you want to call God your Higher Power or something else, that's cool. I would not be here if it weren't for a Power greater than myself. If that turns you off or makes you want to stop reading, please give it a chnace. What do you have to lose except depression?

If a church or someone pretending to be spiritual hurt you, I'm sorry - really, I am. Just because people believe in God or Jesus doesn't mean they're perfect. I'm sorry if somebody like that messed with your life. 

Maybe for this one area of life, you could stop them from controlling your decisions and give God or your Higher Power a try.

You can have a better life FREE from depression.  It really is possible.
Emotional Healing:
My Help 4 Depression
We will always have emotions. We are constantly responding to things that happen in our lives, on TV, on the radio, and heck - even our hormones!  Learning to manage our emotions will free you from having them camp out in your life uninvited.

For an awesome book, check out: Managing Your Emotions by Joyce Meyer.