Healing through Counseling:

Counseling is important part of recovery from depression. Depression by its nature can be very isolating for the individual suffering with it. Finding a trained professional  who understands and can offer help, will encourage hope and long term recovery.

Counseling also provides a safe place to get help for depression through self examination of the present as well as the past in order to understand patterns of behavior which can be harmful mentally, emotionally, and physically. A large part of counseling can also involve learning to cope with stress in healthful ways. Regular counseling can be a time to focus on healing yourself. Recovery will be a result of your deliberate efforts to break old patterns of behavior that have not helped you.

Counselors are not a "one size fits all" item. Selecting a couselor may take meeting several in order to find one who understands and can connect personally.

For information on selecting a therapist, read this Psychology Today article.

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