Just 4 Teens:

Teen depression is real and raw but it doesn't have to be your life. Learn how to get better. There is stuff you can do to feel better today.

You are not alone. An estimated 20 million people in the United States deal with depression each year, BUT 2 out of 3 people do NOT get help.

Be different:  Get help.
Be smart:  Don't continue to suffer.

You don't deserve depression, but just like having a broken arm or strep throat, it's something you find yourself dealing with that you didn't ask for.  

Be strong. 

There is help and you are not alone. 

Get help. 

Talk to someone. If the person you talk to doesn't help, find someone who understands. 

YOU can do this.
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Very Helpful Links:

Teen Central.Net   
( read teen stories and get answers )

Teen Help Line
( help is a phone call away )

Adolescent Mental Health Initiative 
( a mental health site for teens )

S.A.F.E. Alternatives 
( for self-abuse/injury ) 


Conquering the Beast Within: How I Fought Depression and Won…And How You Can Too by Cait Irwin, 1998.  
A teenager tells how she coped and won against depression. A quick read. Although this book is illustrated, it is NOT a baby book! Cait Irwin is real.

Monochrome Days: A Firsthand Account of one Teenager's Experience with Depression 
by Cait Irwin with Dwight L. Evans, M.D. and Linda Wasmer Andrews, 2007.
A personal story offering help for teen depression including causes, tips for coping at home and school as well as first hand information on hospitalization, medication and treatment for depression.
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My Help 4 Depression

Move beyond the negative stigma of depression by working toward 
emotional, physical and spiritual health.
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